Establishing NanoTherm® therapy in the expert community

In the course of the past decade, MagForce has taken an initial idea and some encouraging early research results and developed them into marketable products. However, product approval of NanoTherm® therapy in no way marks the end of our research and development work. MagForce aims to continuously improve its products in order to achieve better treatment outcomes, while at the same time reducing patient discomfort to the absolute minimum. The goals of the new glioblastoma clinical trial are to increase acceptance of NanoTherm® therapy within the expert community, to obtain new data, and to gain approval for the therapy as a therapeutic procedure. With the planned prostate cancer study in the USA we want to reach FDA approval for the focal treatment of prostate cancer as a first indication.

As MagForce is currently focusing on the new glioblastoma trial and the preparations for the studies in the USA, all other basic research has temporarily been put on hold.