NanoTherm® Therapy Information for the Treatment of Brain Tumors


NanoTherm® Therapy is an intratumoral thermotherapy which aims to help patients with brain tumors. It can be used as a monotherapy or in combination with radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy to enhance their effectiveness.
With NanoTherm® Therapy, the magnetic fluid injected into a tumor is heated through a very fast alternating magnetic field. Through the heat, tumor cells are either destroyed or sensitized for additional therapies such as radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy; thus, the efficacy of the additional therapies is improved.
NanoTherm® Therapy was already clinically tested on approximately 90 patients with brain tumors and about 80 patients with other tumors such as pancreatic, prostate or esophageal cancer.

MagForce AG has CE mark (European Certification) in Germany and in the EU 28 to treat brain tumors with NanoTherm® Therapy.

The published benefits of the combination of the NanoTherm® and external radiation for the treatment of brain tumors is shown in Figure 1.

Course of treatment of NanoTherm® Therapy

The therapy is administered as follows:

1. Removal of metals near the brain tumor.
Metallic materials within approximately 40cm from the brain tumor must be replaced with a plastic nonmetallic material because metallic material will heat up during the NanoTherm® procedure.  Typically these materials include titanium clamps (in bones in the skull), metallic fillings in teeth, crowns and implants, shoulder joint replacements, cardiac pacemakers, and defibrillators. MagForce Patient Services will assist if dental rework is required.

2. Introduction of the nanoparticles into the tumor:
In order to plan the NanoTherm® Therapy, the first step is usually to measure the tumor through an imaging method (e.g. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and/or Positron Emission Tomography (PET), in combination with Computed Tomography CT or as a combination). This imaging data is used to determine the dosage and position for the injection of the magnetic fluid into the tumor.
A minimally invasive surgical procedure is used to introduce the magnetic fluid into the tumor followed by placing of the thermometry catheter in the treatment area to allow direct measurement of the temperature during thermotherapy.

3. Thermotherapy in the NanoActivator®:

The NanoActivator® is a device that was specially developed for NanoTherm® therapy.  It generates a homogenous alternating magnetic field that is tailored to the NanoTherm® particles.  For treatment, the patient lies on the NanoActivator® patient bed.  The sliding bed is adjusted to position the patient’s head for maximum therapy and minimum discomfort to the patient.  There are currently six hospitals in Germany who offer NanoTherm® Therapy with the NanoActivator®.

NanoTherm® Therapy is currently available in Berlin, Kiel, Cologne, Munster, Gottingen, and Frankfurt:


4. Treatment Side Effects:
During and/or after treatment in the NanoActivator®, the primary side effects reported were sweating, feeling hot generally and in the treatment area, a slight increase in body temperature up to 38 ºC, an accelerated pulse rate (tachycardia), headaches or high blood pressure.  Seizures and motoric disturbances were observed in some patients during treatment, however in most cases it was not the first occurrence and it was observed prior to the treatment too.  In addition, in a small number of patients a rise in body temperature to more than 38ºC and lowered blood pressure (hypotension) were observed.  No hypersensitive or allergic reactions were observed either in the clinical studies to date.

Three patient treatment case histories are listed below to assist in understanding the course of treatment.

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