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Finally a new and effective therapy

The NanoTherm® therapy, based on innovative nanotechnology, is proven effective at destroying cancerous cells. Its impressive precision targets only the tumor, helping to minimize damage to surrounding healthy tissue.


“I am relieved and indescribably happy that I am doing well.”

(M. Dobrowolski, Tumor patient)

What are the experiences of patients who have already been treated using NanoTherm®? MagForce conducted an in depth interview with a young man who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor following his successful treatment.

Patient Experiences

"Pioneers in nanotechnology-based cancer treatment”

Our mission: to treat cancer successfully and gently. Worldwide.

Already today, NanoTherm® is the first and only nanotechnology-based therapy with European approval for the treatment of brain tumors. An approval study for the treatment of prostate cancer is currently being conducted in the USA.

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